advice for future global healthers.

Hi 360° readers! I’m back with another post about the few things I’ve realized in my short time exploring the field of global health, some I somewhat expected and others that took me by surprise.   There is no immediate gratification in global health; studying global health issues and finding solutions requires relentless pursuit. It takes time […]

the other side of universal healthcare.

Good morning blog readers — We thought it was about time for another guest blogger. Meet Shravya Kakulamarri, a rising sophomore from Redmond, WA majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Global Health Technologies at Rice. This summer, she’s completing a Rice 360 internship in Barretos, Brazil. Shravya has been a communications and marketing person’s dream, […]

to be human is to collaborate.

During the last several weeks, the NEST360° team has met with government and university officials across Malawi, Tanzania, and Nigeria to collect feedback on our proposal. These meetings have made me think of a proverb from my country: “kalikokha nkanyama, ali awiri ndi anthu,” meaning to be human is to work alongside and collaborate with […]

NEST360° Facebook Live is coming…

Africa has the highest neonatal mortality rate in the world. But we don’t have to perpetuate the idea that African newborns are bound to die regardless of our intervention. With support from #100andChange, we can put this myth to rest. #NEST360 will generate continent-wide change within a decade, saving the lives of 500,000 newborns every year at a […]